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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teething Tips(that aren't Orajel)

THIS is the reason we avoid orajel!!

1) Something to chew on:
Sophie Giraffe is a great teether for little ones. You can buy them from Amazon and there is a link to the right of this post.

Product Features

  • Phthalates and BPA free
  • Facilitate baby development
  • Numerous parts to chew and play safely
  • Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint

A plush teether
A frozen bagel or waffle(Be sure to watch your baby closely with these)

A Mesh Feeder with a cube or frozen breastmilk in it.
Frozen Washcloth
Wooden teether
Your Finger

2)Something to wear:
A Baltic Amber Teething Necklace or Bracelet(NOT for baby to chew on. ONLY wear)

3)Something you can give baby or rub on gums:
Hylands Teething Tablets
Humphrey's Teething tablets

Clove Oil
Boiron Camilia
And the absolute last resort if baby is miserable:

If you can think of anymore, let me know and I will add them in!!


  1. i always nursed my DD when she was teething, helped soothe her and her painful gums

  2. Here in the UK we have something called Anbesol, it's in no way natural and we only ever use it when the tooth is about to break through. It's a liquid and it totally numbs the gum completely. We use it as a last resort but it has saved our sanity a few times in the middle of the night when the poor babe is inconsolable with the pain.

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  4. Amber teething necklaces are wonderful! I have some beautiful ones...I'm in the UK. Hope you don't mind me posting my web addy here! Great post, thanks!

  5. Thanks for this- I've been looking for chemical-free teething toys for my little one! I'll be linking to this for sure :) Zion

  6. Green onions!!! You cut the tip of the white off and rub it on their gums it has a natural numbing agent!

  7. Here is some info about teething tablets or other homeopathic teething remedies, if you aren't sure how they work.