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Friday, August 19, 2011

Your Child Is A Human, NOT A Cow.

Unless your doctor is a IBCLC on the side, he didn't have to learn much about breastfeeding in school and chances are, he is getting paid a tidy sum on the side from a formula company if he can convince you that it is equal. 

Aside from all of that, I find it revolting that in this day and age, a doctor would unknowingly spout falsities like, "After age one, it has NO nutritional value." WHAT. THE. HELL???? Oh really doc? Well, let's research that for what, a second... (The first link that pops up when you Google it)

This one is so thorough and long and full of info I am not even going to copy/paste it...You can go read it all.

Yet another study of Breastmilk that proves it doesn't turn to water the second your baby hit's one year old.

LOADS of kids have survived on mostly breastmilk after age one, so, how would the good doctor explain that? Does that mom have magic chocolate super cow milk or something? I mean obviously. 
So, according to these loons, the second a child turns one, they turn into a cow and cow's milk is better suited for them than human milk? Ain't that a bitch... Do you know that we(humans) are THE ONLY species on the planet that not only drinks milk from other species, but, continues to drink milk after the weaning age? Hmm... Sounds fishy to me. I mean, every other animal nurses until the natural weaning age, then STOPS DRINKING MILK, their species or otherwise. Not us insane humans, first of all, most folks not only refuse to even put baby to breast, they refuse to even pump a drop out for baby to even try. They would rather pour the man made concoction of stuff that doesn't even come close to the ingredients in breastmilk than god forbid try to nurse their baby. I mean...why do we make milk when we have a baby? I guess it's there for show or something...who knows? Anyone? Oh and let's not actually know a lady is nursing within 30 feet of us, we might catch the leaky mammary disease. Because we all know that human breastmilk is like THE grossest thing on the whole planet and we don't want that in our kid's mouth, but, give us some concoction or the second they turn one, let's bring on the cow breastmilk because that seems more natural to us even though it is meant for a MASSIVE calf to survive and fatten up on. O.M.G...I really cannot stand society when they misconstrue EVERYTHING to fit into some insane box that have built.
I leave you with this:

Can we maybe rethink the way our brains have been brainwashed into thinking and try again?


  1. This makes a really great point that I never considered before. People are completely grossed out by human milk (don't even want it near them), but will happily down animal milk from who knows where that has who knows what in it. Are cows (especially those in a factory farm setting) somehow naturally cleaner than most humans? A rhetorical question, but food for thought nonetheless.

  2. agree about the nursing, but not that cow milk is bad. We humans are the only ones smart enough to be able to tame and milk other animals...and the benefits of raw, grassfed milk are GREAT! Just look at many of the healthy culutres (African, Swiss...) who thrived off milk products for thousands of years!

  3. These cultures that are thriving are not getting the standard cows milk from the Usa, and getting raw grass fed cows milk is near impossible for most Americans. Our milk is from factory farms that are al filthy that if we don't pump antibiotics into the animals they will contract infections and die. Our factory dairies are so about the profit margin that they use bovine growth hormones to increase productivity with no knowledge of how this will effect.our health in the future. Oh, and cows milk does contain a large amount of calcium, but it has other wnzymes that actually leach calcium from our bones and cause out bodies to dispose of it as waste. Broccoli and kale are better sources of calcium that is better absorbed and is enzyme free. Cows milk is designed to help a small calf gain hundreds pf pounds in the first years of life. Babies need human milk, not cows milk. Go boobies!