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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Child Has No Rights.

So apparently, a child has no rights because they are a child. They are humans, they are living breathing souls, but, according to some people, they should not have rights. No rights to privacy, to their own thoughts, own emotions, own space, nothing.

Ok, let's explore the right to privacy...

You believe your child has none. If that is the case, move them into the living room, remove the door off the bathroom and put everything they "own" in a box. Make sure they NEVER have a moment alone. NEVER buy them a diary. In fact, buy a white board and make them pour out their heart and soul onto it and leave it up for the world to see and make the family discuss it at the dinner table. When company comes over, have them pilfer through the box of things and allow them to peruse until they are content. Always stand inside the bathroom with your child while they use it, doesn't matter if they are bathing, pottying...whatever. Take a picture of every movement they make and post it online.

Now, tell me again that your child has "NO right to privacy". Yeah, I do believe they deserve at least a little respect.

A diary should be a safe harbor to write things you wouldn't say to another person, to express feeling that are too hard to share, to release frustrations that can't be acted upon. A way for a sane person to deal with life and emotions. To write silly embarrassing things. Private notes. Special thoughts. Prayers. They are not merely paper to write things for mom to know.

A child is a human, a person and deserves every bit of respect and rights and privacy as you or I. They are not pawns, things to own, less than.

If your child has a private diary, journal, lock box, safe corner...whatever, respect that. Allow them that bit of anonymity, autonomy and privacy. Let them have feelings and emotions separate of yours. Allow them that right to have their innermost private thoughts to be just that, PRIVATE. A child does NOT have to share their every thought or emotion with you. They OWN that thought and all rights to it.

This doesn't just apply to diaries though. It applies to a various and sundry list of things. Though they may be a child that you are in charge of and responsible for, you do NOT own them, nor do you own their feelings, thoughts or emotions. The least you can do is allow them that right.