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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Judicial System Works

     We, as a country, rely on and trust in the judicial system to convict criminals. Having said that, we must also then rely on and trust that same system to acquit people. That is how the system works. Could there be some flaws? Sure. Innocent people will sometimes be convicted and guilty people will sometimes go free. That is the price to pay. Like it or not, once a case is presented before a judge and jury, lawyers have had their say, and jurors have deliberated and a decision is reached...that is it. The system did its job. 

     If you have a problem with how this system works, there are many avenues you can take in order to try and change it. You can write congressmen, senators, and governors.  You can lobby in Washington. You can hold protests. These are things you are allowed and encouraged to do in this country and what this country is about. Everyone is allowed to do so, no one is prevented from it. It is one of the things that make this nation great. These things don't require you to be a certain race, color or creed. 

     What I cannot understand, is why people think it is ok to beat up random strangers because they didn't like the outcome of a trial. Or why it is ok to stalk or wish harm on someone that was put on trial and deemed not guilty. I understand being upset, I can see being mad...but, to stoop below the level of that persons actions in order to "prove a point" or "provide justice" is the epitome of ignorance and hate. This case was tried in a court, facts were presented and a jury found a man not guilty. Case closed. Yet, there are people that are holding on to emotions, to hate and instead of moving on and trying to build us up as a whole nation. There are those that listened purely to media and their views of what happened that were presented in a way to draw attention, emotion and fuel hate. There are those that won't look past that emotion and deal with reality. 

     Don't spend you time trying to live up to stereotypes, let's ditch those labels and live as a whole. Let's put the hate, the media, the hype and the emotions about it behind us and move forward together. 

     The system works and we need to trust in it. If we only follow what the media tells up to follow and only expect outcomes we want to happen and continue to let our emotions and media be our guide in life, we will never move forward and we will continue to remain stagnant and divided. 

While I am on the subject: Zimmerman was not tried under the "Stand Your Ground" law, it was based solely on "self defence". Also, 911 dispatchers are NOT policemen. Therefore, it is not law that you must follow their orders.

SN: Shooting a gun into the air is illegal because the bullet WILL fall back down to Earth and could hit a random person, you are better off shooting an attacker directly in the chest as opposed to firing a warning shot.