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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Well, I did it, I let the "mud-slinging" as I'm told take the focus on the matters at hand. I allowed our main goal to get lost from sight and let it shift to a non supporter of our cause and felt that we are against one another. When in reality, we should work together So, as a promise to you and to all of the mommas that look to us for support and information:

I promise to try to remain focused on informing you guys of what's important. My goal is not to silence those against us, but, to bring us all together for a greater good. To find the light in their words and to bring my own to the community. I will not bow down to the name calling, mud-slinging, rude "fact" fights of others. I will simply keep to the task at hand of informing moms of their rights, their options and their ability to stand up for themselves and know what is right. 

I ask that all the moms and bloggers and page admins do the same. Can we all work together no matter what side of the childbirth, parenting and lifestyle you are on? Let's today make a pledge to one community with a main goal instead of divided sides with a main goal. Do you think we can do this? I want all sides on this, those who believe in natural birth, those who believe in scheduled c-sections, those who nurse, those who formula feed, those who circumcise, those who do not...

Can anyone stop their poo flinging long enough to rationally discuss these things and stand together for a greater good? 


  1. Being hit with POO is no fun. The slinging ends here. I can never come up with creative enough name-calling anyways. :P

  2. LOL...YaY!! Good for you and good for us and the community we represent. Maybe if more people could go this route, more would get done.