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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh noes, a mom is sitting in the corner quietly nursing, let's all get offended.

     So, I have seen on more than a few occasions where a mom it told she MUST leave, move, cover...blah, blah, blah. What I want to know is, how hard are these people looking to know that mom is nursing? I'm not sure any mom exposes her entire breast while nursing, so, what exactly is so "offensive", "scary", "horrible"? 

Let's see some examples of a nursing mom:

Wow, look at all of that breast exposure!! This is terribly offensive...  Really?
Oh no, I see so's head. :/
Look at all the skin being shown.

I could post and post all day and show you woman after woman that showed absolutely no skin while nursing. Nothing here is scary, offensive or anything your average kid would even begin to notice, much less an adult that isn't eyeballing you like a hawk after prey.

Now, I am going to show you moms showing more skin on purpose as they are naked for taking pictures.

Hmmm...naked and still showing less skin than accused of.
Still not a lot of boobage being shown
Oh the horror...

Wow, completely nude and still don't really see  her whole breast.

This was all sparked by my outrage over THIS story of a mom ousted from a gym for quietly nursing in a corner because "some kids could see". Wow...because boobs with a baby attached are NOT worse than boobs falling out of a dress for no damn good reason.

We, however, all know that kids should see moms nursing in public. HERE is an article explaining why they should.

So, can you find the offensive boob shots, I can:

More boob shown here than on the naked lady...
Eek, way more boo here.
THAT is just gross and offensive...eew.
Now really, must we have a "boob-off" to see who shows more boob or which set I'd rather my kid see and associate breast with? Because I'm telling you now...I do NOT want my kid to come in contact with the last sets of breasts...


  1. To be fair, Victoria Beckham (last picture) is a nursing mom, too. Though I don't know if she was when that picture was taken.

  2. Um...she wasn't nursing in the picture. She had her breasts out just for show. What does her nursing have to do with why she is in here?

  3. Wow completely off topic comment about Victoria Beckham... I like that they read your post and looked at your pictures and all they took away from the whole thing was that she is a nursing mom. Clearly there is no child attached to that nasty boobage she has hanging out everywhere for the world to see! I haven't had the opportunity to breastfeed in public yet because my baby is a)only 3 weeks old and b)an extremely happy content, sleepy baby who sleeps the whole time we're out anywhere LOL but when the time arises, I will be doing it and I wont be caring if anyone has a problem with it! Don't like it, don't frigging stare at me! :D

  4. I totally agree. No wonder our culture is so highly sexualized. If people saw breasts being used for more than just sex , they would treat them with more respect and not just as an object of desire.

  5. I love this every time I see it! It is so true- you never see my nipple or much of my breast when I am nursing. I see more booby at the shore! And even if you did see some boob, well, this is what they are made for.

    Breastfed: A breastfeeding blog for the modern mama.

  6. When my son was just a few weeks old we went to the Zoo. I had a cover, but it was so warm and sticky outside and he didn't really care for it so I pulled out and breastfed him in the open and cannot believe how many people still stare. It's a natural thing and if my son still breastfed, I would do it again and again!! My god given breast were to provide substance for my children. That is there sole purpose!!!

  7. Great post! When I was nursing, I was dying for someone to try to tell me not to--they would ahve gottena piece of my mind! So infuriating.

  8. Great post... However, the naked nursing mom pictures I find pretty... Not okay. The first nursing pictures were fine! And the middle cleavage at the end... Yuck!