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Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Not Your Business How I Raise My Kid

Today I posted a story of a little girl that was killed by her abusing family despite neighbors having witness abuse and nothing being done about it

‎"Witnesses told investigators the child was regularly punished by being locked in the trunk. They also saw the caregivers force Deal to eat dog feces as punishment, crush cans barefoot and exercise outdoors in "extreme measures."

So, let me see, it took her dying before witnesses spoke up or an investigation happened? I can almost guess what happened, the neighbors decided it wan't any of their business how that family raised their kids. This is a way of thinking that I do NOT get. This is also a VERY popular way of thinking. I see it all of the time on parenting pages, sites and forums. It happens like this, "You can't tell me that I should try med free birth because baby will benefit, I want my labor to be labor free." "You can't tell me that breast milk is better, formula is exactly the same thing." "You can't tell me that baby will be negatively affected by CIO, I am fine after years of it." "You can't tell me rear-facing is 500% safer, my baby likes looking forward and I like it too." See, everyone seems to get all butt-hurt if you dare suggest anything different to them. Because of this and the number of idiots that want to sue over stupid little crap, we have a nation of folks that won't even speak up for an OBVIOUSLY endangered and abused child.

This all goes along with those that also say, "And why are we even discussing it, and AA what's your ultimate purpose? If you don't agree with her method, then don't use it. Simple as that.
There are so many other parents swear by her method. Can you please tell me why you are doing this? Please, I need to know. I really do
"(I saw this commented on The Analytical Armadillo's blog after she dared to call out Tizzie Hall on her dangerous bedding guidelines) If we all felt like that, nothing would ever be studied or researched and nothing better would ever happen

The moral of this story:

Stop getting butt-hurt over someone else showing a different way of parenting, they aren't calling you out, despite your apparent guilty conscience. Let us teach and inform, you stick to your old ways if it is that awesome.

Stop being afraid to get involved if it means you save a life. Stick up for the voiceless kids, they are relying on you.


  1. This is the most confusing blog post I've ever read.

  2. It was mainly for me. I was ranting and wrote it down. LOL Sorry. Wasn't meant as a very informative post.

  3. it's one thing to have a civilized discussion with a parent about forward facing,formula, CIO and such. Even if the other parent does not come to the same conclusion as me, I do believe they are still trying their best. BUT if I saw or heard violent physical or verbal abuse, I would call CPS. Those people who did that to that little girl were NOT being good caregivers, they were purposefully hurting her for their own sick pleasure.

  4. I agree. My point was figuring out why folks would sit back and do nothing. I can only assume it is because of how people act nowadays when you say anything.