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Friday, July 8, 2011

Why So Impatient?

     Everyday I read about some mom asking for "natural" ways to induce labor, best ways to help baby "self-soothe", when is the earliest baby can have solids, if their 10 month old can start on cow's milk, how to best potty train their 18 month old, why is their 12 month old not speaking sentences, when can they forward face their little ones...etc.

     What is with this rush and obsession to move everything along as fast as possible? When did we get so hell bent on by passing everything? Most of us realize that if we never do anything about it, it will still happen just like it has happened to every other adult in the world. Babies are born everyday that weren't forced out. Babies that wake often turn into children that sleep all night. Babies fed BM only until after one year old turn into adults that can eat a steak. Most adults have the ability to drink a glass of milk. Most adults possess the ability to use the potty with consistent accuracy. Everyone I know over six can talk or communicate somehow. Last but not least, most of us forward face eventually, even those pesky safety conscious Swedes.

     So, again I ask: What is the rush? Why miss out on life by trying to bypass it all? Sit back and relax and breathe knowing that it will all happen eventually, whether you force it or wait on it.


  1. I agree, no reason to rush! the time goes by so fast as it is. This is why we bed share- Ds wont be small and happy to snuggle innbed forever, we want to relish this.
    BUT, there is one exception- post dates pregnancy. Post dates causes still birth- the longer you go over your due date (assuming you had an early US to date your pregnancy), the higher the risk of still birth. Spontaneous labor is best, but inductions are necessary, and lower the number of still births.

  2. Staceyjw, as long as the baby is appearing well in a non-stress test, there is no reason to induce. Dates can be off, even with early U/S. My husband was lucky enough to have been born in a time where they did not induce without immediate medical need. His mother carried him for 44 weeks based on the calculations done by his mother and her doctor. He was only 6 pounds when he was born. Can you imagine if she had been pushed to be induced simply because she was "overdue"?