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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I cannot condone a practice by which a baby is taught to ignore his human instinct for it's parents comfort.

     I'll admit that with my son, I did what everyone said to do and followed advice from others. I was 19 and there was no internet at home to just go look up anything I desired. I had "What to Expect" books for my pregnancy info and all of those "Baby" Magazines to help guide me through infancy. Don't get me wrong, those WERE helpful when it's ALL you have.

     In spite of all of that, I managed an epidural free vaginal delivery, I nursed for a month, I co-slept, quickly switched to BLW(although I didn't know there was such), and gently potty learned him in 4 days(although, again, had no clue there was a thing).

     However, even with SO much going against me, I never considered letting him CIO, not once. I KNEW about it, but, I couldn't do that to my little baby. I never expected him to sleep all night until he was ready. I never thought, "He MUST" sleep all alone in a separate room and never wake and if he does, I can't do anything. I never said, "Hey, I will let him cry for a minutes before I worry about him." I just do NOT get that kind of thinking. Babies cry for a reason. Babies NEVER need to learn to fall back to sleep on their own. Babies NEVER need to learn that the cold, dark night is their turn to soothe themselves. Babies NEVER need to be taught that crying is for naught.

    How can you walk into a baby's room and merely pat it on the back and walk away again? How can you continue this every night until that tiny baby learns that nighttime is alone time and their basic needs will not be met? Because you need 8 hours of uninterrupted has to learn a lesson.

     I cannot condone a practice by which a baby is taught to ignore his human instinct for it's parents comfort.


  1. I'd have to say I totally agree on this one. I have just had my first child this year, he's now 6 months old and is still waking during the night. He sleeps in a cot in our room and I couldn't imagine it any other way.. He will sleep though when he is ready.
    I actually watched a TV show about this very topic not so long ago and it was quite an eye opener. They had the 50's method, 60s method. The 50's method was very harsh and it was horrible to watch these children from newborn be put into a routine and not allowed to be consoled at all.. Fair enough they were sleeping though at about 4 months but still what lasting affect does this have?
    The 60's method seems to me to make the most sence Dr Spock. But to be honest I have gone with gut instinct most of the time. As they say mum's know best.

  2. Yeah I agree, i just couldn't stand the idea of my son crying. Seems like letting him get worked up just works against what you are trying to do. When I do hear him at night I have found that sometimes he wakes, and makes a little cry and then seems to fall asleep. I just had to start listening to him to learn when was a real awake cry and when is a still asleep cry. I find that he sleeps through the night sometimes and sometimes we have some alone time in the middle of the night :)