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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breastfeeding apparently is whole boob out in the open and equal to peeing in public.

You know, I have NEVER seen a lady breastfeeding in public.  At least not that I have EVER been able to tell, and believe me, I look... on purpose. Always have. Is it because I want to see boobies? Nope. It is because I hate to see a mom whip out a bottle or a can of formula. Back to my point though...I see ALL of these anti-boob folks protesting the sight of a nursing babe and their bosomed mommy and yet, in all my 35 years of life AND looking for a nursing mom I have NEVER seen one. So, I have to ask, where are all of these exhibitionist mom's with their boobs on display for all to see while they latch on their kids? I mean, how do these folks even know if they would be grossed out or offended or able to see the entire breast with nipple and all? I *KNOW* folks aren't sickened, outraged or offended by breast in general, so what makes having a small baby head in the way turn folks so much?

My other question is why compare breastfeeding to peeing in public? Urine is NOT food the last time I checked and if we really want to compare apples to oranges... Maybe we should ban eating in public at all because it makes me sick to watch some people perform oral sex of their food. Yeah, I compared eating food with oral sex, see? Because they both involve the mouth. Because that's that exact same thing and all right? Sure it is. Eating=Oral Sex and Breastfeeding In Public=Peeing In public. *Note the strong sarcastic tone*.

The point is, Breastfeeding is nourishing a child and you don't even see the breast when it's happening. So, stop flipping out about something that NEVER happens and stop equating things that aren't even quasi-related.


  1. I agree; most moms are pretty discreet about nursing. But honestly? I think it's okay if they aren't. For example, my twins always tandem nursed. Always. If one saw the other one getting fed, he wanted it too. And really, there's absolutely no way to nurse two babies at the same time without baring it all. At first my husband was horrified and didn't want me to nurse in public. But he did get used to it.

    And that was my ready retort if anyone ever made a snarky comment: "oh, okay. I'll just put my boobs away and you can listen to my two kids scream instead. Because that's much better. *smile*." But nobody ever complained. At least not that I could hear. :)

  2. May I please please please post this on my facebook page "Stop Canterbury Mobile Home Park Harassment"? It is devoted to attempting to get an apology and getting my mobile home park to stop harassing me (see the page) after I got into it with the manager over my son nursing in public. Granted the day in question I pulled the right breast side of my suit to the side and latched him on while she and I were arguing about a different subject but it isn't like the whole boob sat there hanging out for twenty minutes. He was latched on within 2 seconds....Your blog here makes EXACTLY the point that needs to be made regarding this situation! It is SO infuriating. And I TOTALLY agree with your blog :) Thank you SO much for posting it :)

  3. i've seen a woman nurse in public & it was the coolest thing ever.

    i was nursing my (then) 5-month old in a restaurant in berkeley ca this spring. usually i bring a nursing cover for indoor places, but i forgot this time. a disgruntled patron informed the hostess that i was doing this scandalous thing in public, and she immediately came over to me & asked me to cover it up. 3 times she repeated this.

    of course i didn't & of course i informed her that what she was doing was illegal. she didn't get it until i told her that she should tell the patron that what he was asking her to do was illegal.

    and the nursing woman? it was the woman sitting across from me in the restaurant, who i had only just met minutes beforehand. she began nursing her daughter in solidarity as the hostess was pestering me.

  4. I have see many moms breast feed in public, and ALL of them had covers. I've never been offended at that, in fact I longed to be able to do the same. Because of a severe chronic pain condition I was not able to nurse my little one. I was pestered and prodded to by every mom I know, but the doctors (DOCTORS) said no. Why is it that it is now "taboo" to not breast feed?

  5. It is NOT taboo to not breastfeed. It is still ever so taboo to nurse and especially in public. At least it is where I am from. You still get the "eww" face if you say you are nursing.