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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Own Birth Story...'Young And Lucky"

     I figured it was about time to tell my own personal story of the birth of my son. At the time he was conceived, I was 18 and single. The only child of a lady that had a planned c-section and no knowledge outside of what doctors at the time told moms. There was no internet and I had no family that knew anything more than my mom.   Basically, I was as clueless as one could get. My only source of information was "What To Expect When You Are Expecting" and any of the random free parenting magazines mailed out to pregnant moms. I would also like to point out, I had no clue I was pregnant until I missed a fourth month of my cycle...I had never been regular and had missed three months in the past. Well, once I did find out, I knew three very sure things...1) I was not getting an epidural, 2) I was not having a c-section and 3) I was going to nurse.

     Time passed and it came the final appointment before my due date...I was 2cm dilated. I joked to my doctor that at that rate, I was going to go another eight weeks before I had him. He said , "No, I will do something about it next visit if you haven't gone by then." I had no clue about the dangers of inductions or the reason why or why not to have one. Luckily on the day of my next appointment, two days after my due date, at 12:00PM my back felt really weird. I called my mom to tell her about it and she asked questions and decided I might be in labor. She was already going to come and take me to the appointment, she came earlier than planned. LOL By the time we were on our way, I KNEW I was in labor.

     I showed up at their office and told the receptionist what was happening and a few minutes later, I was ushered back to check. He informed me that I was indeed in labor, at 4 to 5cm and told me to go to the labor floor of the hospital next door and get admitted. I showed up and was immediately put into a gown, put into bed on my back and given an I.V. Time passed and the OB/GYN came into check on me..he decided that not only was I not moving fast enough, that I needed Pitocin and to have my water broken. This was at 4:00PM...maybe, it could have been earlier. By 6:00PM a nurse asked if I was feeling any pressure, I told her I was and when she went to check me...she informed me the babies head was right there and she was getting the doctor.

     When the doctor arrived, so did multiple others and within seconds, my bed was broken down, my legs were on the stirrups and people were telling me to hold my breath and push for the count of 10. I was told I was doing it wrong and that I was not to make any grunting noises...just put my chin to my chest, hold my breath and push with all my might. So, I did...twice. Next thing I knew, I was told to STOP, that his head was out and he needed suctioned. Apparently, I also "needed" an episiotomy. Well, after that, a half of a push later and he was born at 7:01PM. His cord was immediately cut, he was put on the table and tested, wiped, wrapped and finally handed back to me while they were telling me they had to hurry and take him to test him and put him on the warmer.

     He was finally taken and I was cleaned up and moved to another room. I also got to eat and potty before he was brought back. I at some point nursed him for the first time...quite awhile after he was born. I fed him when he cried..I had no clue if that's how it was done or not. Some lady eventually came to ask how the feeding was going. She watched him feed and said he was doing fine. No other real advice though.

     That night, he slept in my arms in the bed with me...and got to have his temp taken every hour for 24hours after his birth. And the next day, he showed signs of jaundice, so, we got to stay another night. Finally, on day 2...we got to go home. Where I promptly quit breastfeeding at one month old because I didn't have a clue what I was doing...

     Even with all of that, I do consider myself lucky...I went into labor spontaneously, had him vaginally and did nurse him for at least a month. For what it's worth, my next kids will be born at home with a midwife and nursed until fully ripened at the breast(until the quit on their own).

                                                           Right before we left the hospital...

1 comment:

  1. Wow what a powerful story! My heart ached for you a few times but over all you did have a pretty incredible birth for not being the informed mom you are now. Beautiful baby boy!!!