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Thursday, January 6, 2011

LOVE THIS!!! Attachment parenting is not a "New" concept!!

The rest of the article...

Attachment parenting is not a new style of parenting. Attachment parenting is one of the oldest ways of caring for babies. In fact, it's the way that parents for centuries have taken care of babies, until childcare advisors came on the scene and led parents to follow books instead of their babies. Picture your family on a deserted island and you've just delivered a baby. There are no books, advisors, or in-laws around to shower you with child baby- tending advice. The baby B's of attachment parenting would come naturally to you as they have other cultures who have centuries more child-rearing experience and tradition than all of us have.

Love this paragraph...I hate when opposers refer to it as "New-Age" or something we "new" moms came up with. This way is how it was always done. Modern folks killed this way of doing it and we now are taking it back.

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