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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Interesting post on the science behind Attachment Parenting.

Link to article

"Attachment parenting, or AP, is an approach to child-rearing intended to forge strong, secure attachments between parents and children. 

For many parents, this approach feels intuitive. And anthropological research suggests that some attachment parenting practices—-such as baby-wearing and co-sleeping—-have deep roots in our evolutionary past (Konner 2005).
But does AP really make a difference?
Not surprisingly, it depends on how you define your terms.
Here I ignore politics, the "attachment parenting movement," and various romantic or religious notions about "natural" parenting.
Instead, I review the scientific research that supports physical closeness, sensitivity, and responsiveness in parents."

This a good start to make the case for it, but, I still feel it is nature to do this and shouldn't need a scientific study to prove that it is better. hopefully more mom's can go with gut instincts instead of what some relatives or books tell them.

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