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Monday, January 24, 2011

A handy discipline technique for older kids.

If time-outs don't seem to work for your 3-6 year old, then perhaps this will...while also encouraging gross and fine motor skills. It seems to extinguish anger and hostility as well.

Directions for first time usage:
Have child stand at a low surface table.
Hand them a small cup(Like a Dixie cup)
Hand them a piece of construction paper
Have child tear paper into small pieces and place them in cup.

Now, I know you are all pish poshing this and saying how your kids would LOVE to tear paper. You believe this isn't proper punishment if they love it...
And you'd be right...the first time. However, after they have gone to tear paper about 3 is NO longer fun at all. They dread it. One mention and they will immediately cease their actions. LOL How do I know this? Well, I worked at a daycare for many years and this was implemented the first year I was there. We learned it at a workshop. This is still being used there many years later because of how well it works. :)

Now...the second + time you use it in a day:
Ditto all of the above actions.
Once they have torn it into small pieces and put them into the cup,
 have them pour those pieces out and tear them smaller.
Add another pouring and tearing per session.

They will not like tearing after this, they will have helped not only their gross but their fine motor skills and they will have been occupied so long that they will have forgotten about what they were getting into and ready to go play. This technique is really helpful if you have a hitter, biter or angry kid that needs calmed. It's an occupied time-out.

This paired with a soft, non breakable "Mad" spot also helps. Then, they have a place to go get mad and release anger. Because it is ok to get mad and be mad and hit a beanbag chair.


  1. I am a Mom of ten kids & this sounds awesome! I have one four year old left & she is starting the challenging part of being a kid- guess what she will be doing, probably tomorrow, HAHA!!! Thanks

  2. Let us know how it worked out for you. I'm curious to see how well it works in a home setting. Daycare was awesome.