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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wear Your Baby's Hiney Out!

     No, not like that...LOL Like this:

Yes, wearing your baby can be an essential asset for a new mom. Baby is close, feels secure and mom can have her arms free to eat or even brush her hair.

     When babies are born, they have a "C" shaped spine and a round head. Time spent laying flat on their backs in cribs, bassinets, car seats, swings, name it, put undue pressure on delicate hip joints and can sometimes lead to flattening of baby's skull. And in these times of  the "Back to Sleep" campaign and portable baby car seat that will go from house to car to stroller to shopping cart, baby spends loads of time on it's back.

     However, you can help lessen that amount of time by wearing your baby at home and out. You can get stuff done at home while baby is in a carrier either on your front or back. You can wear baby through the grocery store or mall. It will also keep baby close, calm and easy to nurse.

I do NOT recommend a Baby Bjorn or any of the "Crotch Dangler" carriers, they too put stress on the baby's hips and spine.

These are some great carriers to try out:

Moby Wrap:


ONLY the Mei Tai and Ergo can be used on the back.  And ALL of them are ok for baby's hips and back.


  1. Although moby wraps used to suggest a back carry for older children(my booklet that came with mine does) They have now taken that out. Even with larger children, they say a back carry is just not safe with stretchy wraps. That being said, I do love my moby!!! I bought a babyhawk oh snap to use for back carries though. Here's a quick video about back carries with stretchy wraps, using the moby.

  2. Please please please NEVER wear a stretchy wrap in a back carry--they're very unsafe! Moby, Sleepy, and K'Tan all no longer recommend them or show instructions for them on their websites. It doesn't matter how big the babe or how good their torso control (in fact, bigger = more dangerous because of the sagging factor).

    More info and videos are here: