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Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm not pregnant, I'm passionate!!

            For everyone that is curious to know if I am pregnant, this is for you!!
I AM NOT!!!!:)
     Babies are my passion. From conception through toddler-hood, they have my heart. My second passion is educating young girls and women on everything from fertility to childbirth to breastfeeding to discipline and everything in between for their children. I wish everyone loved researching choices and information as much as I do. And because I know they don't and some don't even realize they can and should research or that they have a choice, I take it upon myself to do the footwork for them.

     Let me explain for those of you that don't know or are confused. I have a Facebook page and a blog, both called The Mom: Informed. On both of these, I spend my time posting links and writings with information, medical research, personal stories, news articles and more about everything from fertility to children up to school age. I do this so that mom's-to-be and new parents know the latest in research and know there are options for EVERYTHING. So, they have confidence in their choices and know that they even have choices in everything.

     I see so many new moms that do things or have things done to them, not because they researched and chose that as their best fitting option, but, because they had no clue there were MANY options to chose from. They were told that was it and they followed along. For instance, some parents have their son circumcised ONLY because they thought they didn't have a choice. NOT because they researched it to be their best option. Some women give formula ONLY because they thought they HAD to. Some women induce their labor or schedule a c-section ONLY because they doctor wanted to, with NO real medical indication. I HAVE seen this personally.  MOST women don't even know that they CAN go to 43+ weeks and deliver a perfectly healthy child. MOST women don't know that the diagnoses of having a "too small" pelvis is OFTEN wrong. Actual CPD (cephalopelvic Disproportion) is SUPER rare. And chances don't have that issue unless you were in a car accident that fractured your pelvis or you have some rare congenital deformity. Another misdiagnoses is that of "not making enough milk"...that is also a rare occurrence and is almost always from lack of nursing education and knowledge of how it all works.  Only about 2% of women CAN'T. Yep, and chances are, that doesn't include you. Which is a good thing. So, when doctor says, "baby needs to have a bottle of formula." if you comply, you just told your body that it doesn't need to make as much milk. The more baby is put to breast, the better. Did you know that you don't even HAVE to have you child vaccinated? Or that you can wait until they are 1 before you start? Do you know why this is ok or done? Babies don't HAVE to have purees or eat food at 4 months, they don't ever have to eat rice cereal, they don't even ever have to eat "baby" food.

     So with that, I would LOVE to encourage ALL of you to come join my page and read my blog. Do you research, read everything. Make and INFORMED choice and don't let anyone else do your deciding for you. Is my Facebook page...please join us there. The blog link.

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