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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I blog because the "SOB" exists...

     After I was "enlightened" to a blog that I was not aware existed, I now remember more than ever why I came to write this blog and keep a Facebook page. New mom's have a hard time as it is knowing what to do and trying to keep up with the latest research and to filter out the greatness from the nonsense. So, to know that a completely rubbish filled blog is out there undermining everything I stand for as a mom and natural parenting and childbirth makes me want to fight that much harder for all the moms. Now, while I will say, I don't like epidurals, formula, inductions or even the current vaccine schedule...I don't run a hate site against those that do/follow all of those things. I don't put people down and spew false medical garbage either. I do not claim to be the "be all end all" of childbirth like this lady claims... Seriously, she is all for inductions, epidurals no matter what, name it. She actually even searches EVERY post and blog known to man for anything associated with Natural Child Birth, homebirth, VBAC, you name it and then posts some hate blog about how those people are risking their lives. It is the most appalling thing I have ever read. And yet, she posts no back up proof to anything she writes, but, hoards of people follow her and regurgitate her vile falsities as though it were fact straight from God himself. What can one do to help moms when site like this exist? Sadly, her site is not the only one out there with millions of followers hanging on her every word. There is the ever popular "feeding schedule" book that has been banned by the AAP for producing "failure to thrive" babies. The "training" book and site that advocates for 1/4 in plastic pipe beatings. I don't know how to convert those people, but, I will keep writing and posting and talking until I can't anymore in the hopes that I will have helped at least one mom out. It's what I have to do considering what I know is out there and how vulnerable mom's are and how the most vulnerable may be coerced into those other methods and ways.

So, with that said, I leave you with this: Natural Parenting/Childbirth/Feeding is called that for a reason...because it is natural. It is how nature intended. It is what feels right. It is instinct. Anything that goes against that is not natural.


  1. Don't let people like that raise your blood pressure. Just ignore them and continue to inform like you do. Those people aren't worth your time or energy. The only ones worth your time and energy are those who may naively read and believe them. Focus your energies on them instead and don't let people like "Dr" Amy register in your mind.

  2. Thanks, I try not to and in fact, just writing this vent helped me tremendously. LOL I will continue to inform moms of the truth and forget the fallacies of the "SOB".