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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Consistency is the key...

      I get asked for my opinion on lots of things dealing with kids and lately discipline is at the top of the list and I always try my best to give a very informed answer. Something I've noticed when answering with some parents is when I give them and option, I am met with, "I've already tried that and it didn't work." and then I get to hear a whole list of techniques they have already tried and claim have failed.

    Ok, most of these kids are 2 or 3...not much time to have "tried" all of these things. So, as advice for you guys that read this: Stick with ONE technique. NO more switching every time you need to discipline. Be consistent.

    You know your kid, research ALL discipline techniques and decide which one you think will work best for your child/family/circumstances. Now you need to explain this techniques to ANYONE that is around your child and that disciplines them. Explain it to your child. Now, implement this technique every time for as long as it takes. Which means it may take a month. It may take 100 times of you putting your child back in their time-out spot if you use that. It will take a while to get your child to understand that you mean business and they can't get away with it. The more you do it and stick with it, the better it will work.

     If you are constantly switching every time, your child gets confused and doesn't know what will happen, so, they steadily test you. You seem inconsistent to them and they feel they can get away with everything.

I see this happen often and trust me, I was a mom like that until I was turned on to why it wasn't working. Once I stuck my ground and stayed the course, my son caught on and this works. I have also used this with other kids and see it work. So, I am coming from experience.

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