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Friday, July 27, 2012

F*CK you FB and all you D*MBA$$ people that report pictures wrongly!!

This is a picture of a mother desperately trying to feed her child with something that should be free and plentiful. Something that the majority of people in America take for granted. Breastmilk. In America, the majority of women that give birth are well fed, healthy and not lacking basic needs. Another thing they have are options. They have the option of nursing their child with full, free flowing milk from their breasts. They have the option of using donor milk from another mother with full, free flowing milk from her breasts. They even have the option of choosing to use a man made concoction, breast milk substitute in breast substitute bottles. Formula and bottles intended to replace moms breast when mom is not able to provide/produce milk of her own. These are options that most of us have here. You would think that since most of us have FREE, plentiful and healthy milk in our breasts after delivery that would be the first option and that the majority would choose that. However, that is NOT the case. I hardly ever see a lady here choose to nurse. They always just go for the bottle because its "easier", because it isn't "gross", because it is "just the same". And that is fine, really. You have that choice. You have that option. You have the ability to get to choose. Sure, there are valid reasons why you cannot choose to nurse and for that we are all thankful for formula. But, this lady in the picture, she doesn't get to have options. She nurses. Her child isn't thriving, he is barely surviving.

So now, for my point, I am not saying you have to nurse, that formula is evil or anything judgmental against anyone. What I am saying is that I would like for everyone to at least realize how much you have, how privileged you are, how lucky you are that you even had a chance to choose how to feed your kid and even if nursing was not an option, you have the option of donor milk or formula in your arsenal. You weren't forced to starve while trying to nurse your equally starved baby.

When you look at this picture, your first reaction should be sadness, horror and pity. It should NEVER be sarcasm, puns and derogatory statements.

When you see this picture, your first reaction should not be to report. It should not be thought of as nasty, gross or sickening.

NO nursing mom should be thought of this way. Not one with free flowing milk and certainly not one as desperate as the one above.

STOP reporting them. What the fuck is the matter with you that reporting this picture makes any kind of sense? The picture should cause you to think, to feel sad, to want to do something to help. If it makes you feel guilty, then perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you something. Maybe you should rethink your life and fix that. Reporting the picture, however, is ridiculous.


  1. I love your stance on breastfeeding and I am glad I found your blog.

    I am not a mom yet, but will be soon enough, and I plan on breastfeeding. People look at me like I am an old-fashioned, dumb broad.

    I guess I could scoop up some formula, shake and serve, but I'll leave that for all the other mommies that think BF'ing is gross.

  2. Mrs F, I'm sorry, but that is complete ignorance. You are or were not a mom when you posted this so you have/had no idea. Are you a mom now? Were you able to breastfeed? That is great for you, but that is not the case for thousands of women who no matter what they do they can't breastfeed, it's not because they think it's gross, they simply can't for a lot of reasons. Your last comment is completely judgmental and ignorant. Not every woman who formula feeds think BF is gross, or do it because they think formula is easier.
    And for the record, I BFd my 2 daughters, and also have to formula feed a) because my last daughter is a preemie and diagnosed with IUGR b) because I have health issues and while BFing I can't take my meds

    Be informed and most importantly, speak from experience before you make such judgmental comments.