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Friday, September 9, 2011

Birth Story 10(Danyilla & Sonny)

Here we go folks, today's round of birth stories!!! Remember the rules!!

This is from Danyilla about the birth of Sonny...

We have 3 darling kiddos. My oldest son, who's 5, then my middle daughter, who's 3, and our youngest son, who's just a couple days shy of 11 months. My oldest was born via c-section after 34 hours of hard labor and 3-4 hours of pushing! I blame the Pitocin for all of that L&D. My daughter was thankfully born via VBAC. I was literally fighting for a vaginal birth until the second she was born! But I was a successful VBAC none the less. I decided to go with Midwives on my 3rd pregnancy, because I was tired of being pushed around by DR.s who treated my pregnancies like a disease. It was the smartest thing I have ever done, going with Midwives, they are a blessing in disguise! This is my youngest son's birth story. It is by far my very most favorite. I relive it in my mind over, and over again. It was truely amazing. I love sharing my birth story! I hope you enjoy it too!

Also, I have some abrevations for things in the story because I'm on a forum who uses them:
EDD - Estimated Due Date
DH - Darling Husband
DS - Darling Son
DD - Darling Daughter
m/w - Midwife
VBAC  - Vaginal Delivery After C-Section

Sonny Joseph born 10/4/10 @ 1:06am. 7lbs15oz and 20 1/2 in.

Friday Oct 1, day before my EDD~I had my 40 wk midwife appt at 9am. Normal appt like any other except for I thought that *maybe* my water had broken the night before around 7pm. Get checked for that, and turns out I just peed myself! Water sac still fully intact. Found out that I was 2 1/2 cm dilated, and 60% effaced, and very soft. This would be my 2nd VBAC, and my m/w said that if I was still pregnant the following Friday they would have to begin the BPP, and NSTs to make sure Sonny, and myself are safe to go any further. So my m/w suggested to have some acupuncture done, and she gave me some phone numbers. As soon as I walked out of their office, I called to get an appt for the acupuncture. Lucky me they had an appt for later that afternoon. So I get the acupuncture done (ouch!), and my DH, and I continue to do acupressure Friday night, and all day Saturday. Contractions are coming, and a bit painful but peter out when I go to bed like they have been doing for the last 5 weeks.

Saturday Oct 2, day of my EDD~Nothing to really speak of. Same things happening today like they have been for weeks. Feeling disappointed that I'm going to go late once again, and now facing another possible c/s or medicated L&D. Also notice a weird rash on my DS leg while putting him to bed.

Sunday Oct 3, day after my EDD~My DH, and I leave around 11am to go grocery shopping, and make sure everything is in stock for when we eventually do have Sonny. Shopped at the store until about 1:30pm, walking, and moving around the whole time without a break. Contractions were getting stonger, and seemed to be coming more frequently. While my DH was in the check out line, I went to use the ladies room. While going pee, I started losing huge amounts of my mucos plug, and just felt different or off. Got very excited, and rushed to my DH to tell him about losing my MP, which of course grosses him out. We got home, and put away the groceries. At 2pm I decided I should take my DS to the urgent care to have his wierd rash checked on. Turns out he has ringworm, and will now need to do medicine, and wash his clothes daily for the next 2 weeks. Yay. Also very upset with my sister who has the ringworm, and has given it to my DS after I told her she better take care of it and we better not get it! Argh. DS and I get home around 3pm to get my DD and DH and go to the park. While at the park, I notice my contractions getting even stronger and more consistant. Breathing through them as they come and playing with my family in between them. Finally I decide they are getting a little tough to deal with and say it's time to go. I had to walk on my hands and knees for about half the way back to the car because of how strong the contractions were. The kiddos loved it and walked on all 4's with me. Get home and make dinner, do bath time and story time and put the kids to bed. Around 8pm my DH and I make a meal that's really spicy that DH came up with. The whole time while trying to make it, I was having contractions every few minutes that were pretty painful. DH would stop and help me breathe through them and then we would continue to cook again. Finally get done around 9:15pm and we sit down to eat and relax and eventually get ready for bed. At right around 9:30pm I felt a weird gurgle in my stomach, like a do-do-do-do and then...POP and GUSH! ( I had so much water that I made a huge wet mess where ever I went! I mean I literally had to be followed around with a towel!)  I jump up and yell to my DH, who was in the kitchen at the time, that my water just broke!!! I was so excited that all I could do was laugh and jump up and down! A few minutes later I start freaking out that I'm on the clock now and the contractions really need to come. Then bam! Strong and painful contractions start coming every 3 and 4 minutes immediately! Yay and ouch! We get the rest of our bags packed and start heading to the hospital around 10:30pm, which is about 15-20 minutes away. We seemed to have hit every red light possible and I just wanted to be there already. We get to the hospital around 11pm. They get me admitted, hooked up to the machines and they asked me all those annoying questions while my m/w checks me. I was only 4cm dilated and 90% effaced. They got the water for the tub going and I got into the tub about a half hour later. I stayed in the tub for an hour and started feeling pressure to push. So I got out to get checked again. I was 5cm dilated and fully effaced. My m/w then says there is a 2nd bag of water by Sonny's head, and asks if she can break it because it will get things going quicker. We of course say yes. So she breaks the 2nd bag of water (which is almost impossible to believe it's really there with how much I'm already gushing), and that's when things got really intense and I started to lose it, and panic. The contractions got even stronger with way more pressure, and about 10 minutes later I start screaming that I have to push. I was then asked to get back on the bed which I hated cause it felt horrible to lie down. I eventually got on the bed on my side, and said I'm going to push because I couldn't not push, at which point they check me and said I was fully dilated and Sonny's head was already starting crown. Then for the next 4-5 minutes I push like crazy because the "ring of fire" was burning so bad that I had to get him out NOW, and Sonny was born!
So all in all, my total labor from the time my water broke was around 3 1/2- 4 hours with just about 5 minutes of pushing! A true miracle in our eyes! We couldn't have asked for a better L&D! It felt like it was straight out of one of those lamo movies. What a way to go out! We couldn't be more happy, or blessed.

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