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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pretending to nurse a doll will cause your daughter to get pregnant at 16

     Yes, you heard it right...apparently, that is the consensus among adults. When it was announced that there was a doll that breastfeeds. Media pages on Facebook jumped on the controversial topic to get traffic. Judging from most of the comments I have seen on these posts, I can see why there are SO many women that just bottle feed or at least give up way too soon.

"That doll is a sick idea. Maybe for high school parenting classes but not for children"

" that us the dumbest thing I have ever seen! Let teach out little girls about breast feeding so if they get pregnant at 16 they will know???? Sorry but this is disgusting!"

"What's next!?!? "Copulation Doll!?!?"
Mammals breast feed AND copulate you know!?!? TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE TOY! Children do not need to emulate breatfeedimg in "Play"....."

" Wow...whatsz next....dolls showing 13yr oldsz how to have sex???.....then dolls having babies at age 16......wdh....."

     Well, this explains why there is such an issue with public breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, and pictures on FB. We have some major obstacles to overcome and I'm not sure we will get there in my time. But, I will tell you this, my kids will know breastfeeding as normal, natural, awesome and standard of care. I may not be able to change the world, but, I can change one part of the next generation.




  1. I have a 2 1/2 year-old boy and an almost 4 year-old girl. Both breast-fed, and the younger one still is, although I will probably have him weaned or nearly so, when their new sibling arrives in August. Both of them "breast-feed" their dollies. In fact, while they seem to understand that some babies need fake "mem" in bottles, I think they still don't understand the point of pacifiers! :-)

  2. Camille GriffithsMarch 24, 2011 at 3:36 PM

    Why is a breastfeeding doll any different from a bottle-feeding doll? Any breastfed child will pretend to nurse their dollies anyway. Formula feeding parents are just close-minded to everything breastfeeding and this is just another example of that. I know it's not fair to say all, but the sad truth is most are.

  3. I can't believe how ignorant people are! Until our culture STOPS seeing breasts as sexual this will probably be the case. I agree with Camille, children model what they see. They don't know breasts are sexual. She's just pretending to FEED her baby, which SHOULD be NORMAL & HEALTHY! I just hope that this is "stupid" that can be fixed! I know my kids will think nursing is normal. I have three boys and I pray that I am raising sensitive, supportive boys that will help their future wives to breast feed for as long as that relationship works!

  4. I breastfed both my children, and once at a restaurant I requested to be put towards the back of the room so that I could breastfeed with some privacy (more for the other patrons than for me). The waitress informed me that there was a chair in the restroom that I could use. I asked if she thought it appropriate to serve my meal there. Her shock was laughable considering she thought it appropriate to feed my infant there! People are stupid! When my second one came along the oldest would sit with me and feed her doll! No big deal, and a no-brainer I might add!

  5. oh those comments are ridiculous - wow. Both my children breastfeed, neither of them have a breastfeeding doll, both of them pretend to breastfeed their teddy bears and one of my children is a boy - does this mean he is going to have a sex change at 16 so he can have a baby to breastfeed? Oh please people get educated! Rant!

  6. I saw this link from Cafe Mom. Love it. I don't have children yet, but do plan to breastfeed, and thankfully my husband who has never been around it fully supports it. His reaction to the controversy surrounding breastfeeding makes me laugh, because he says that of course as a man he likes breasts, but when he sees a breastfeeding woman he doesn't think sexual, he thinks "good for her." It's the most natural way to feed a baby, so why would a doll showing that be a bad thing? And yes, last time I checked I know of both boys and girls who pretend to breastfeed their dolls/stuffed animals. Doesn't mean they will be getting pregnant as teens or changing their sex.

  7. Wow, some people. I am shocked by the way some people think. I breastfed both my boys (3 and 1) till they were 15 months. Not a big deal, people are freaks.

  8. the world is full of misogynists!

  9. My husband and I were talking about how sexually minded our culture is...he said jokingly that if women were allowed to go around in public topless then over time people wouldn't associate breasts so much with sex, they will be a common sight, just as a man's bare chest is. People would begin to see the body as a sexual object only in sexual situations. At first I disagreed but then I got to thinking and agree that he is right. If breasts weren't such a taboo sight in day to day then they would be a normal, natural part of the body and not a strictly sexual part.

    I know this isn't exactly on topic but it addresses the underlying problem behind peoples reaction to the doll.

  10. If certain parents have an issue with it they can buy their kids the bottle feeding doll. If you are a breast feeding mom your older kids will copy you anyway. My 4 yr old lays down in bed with me and nurses her baby as I nurse her 4 month old brother. It is not "taboo" in our house I just don't wander around topless either and flaunt it. Boobs = food that is how it is in most other countries. Watch National Geographic - noone is making a stink about native people bareing their breasts as part of their culture. It is just the way of life. Some times I really hate American culture.

  11. You're right, Camille, it's NOT fair to say that parents who formula-feed are closed minded to everything about breastfeeding -- I formula fed my babies for my own private reasons but naturally, I understand and appreciate the benefits of breastfeeding. Generalizing like that is ignorant.