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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Botox or Circumcision which is better?

     Recently, a story broke about a mother injecting her 8 year old with Botox. It made all of the mainstream media pages and garnered a slew of "WTF?'s" from people near and far. People called, "Child abuse" and asked why CPS wasn't involved. All of that got me to thinking...Why would injecting an eight year old with botox get more of an emotional response and cries of negative feelings about it than the non medically necessary circumcision of a newborn baby boy? I mean a little touch of botox in an older child's head surely causes FAR less damage than the stripping and cutting away of a perfectly functioning piece of flesh from a less than a day old baby boy's penis. When the botox is administered, the girl has no real reaction to it. When the baby boy is cut, he is strapped down, barely numbed and is screaming through the entire procedure until he stops, only because he has gone into shock.

      Now, let me clarify, I in no way, shape or form condone using botox on anyone...most especially a young child. In fact, that is the most horrific thing I have read in a while. I only used the example to prove my point. People flip out over the botox thing, yet, barely bat an eye over circumcising their babies. I don't like circumcision either...I do realize that people can choose to do as they wish and as long as you are an informed parent, I will stand by your decision to do so. But, I just can't see how one could get SO upset over the botox and not really see a thing wrong with circumcision. Maybe some of these people haven't really researched it...maybe they need to see an actual circumcision video....

Ok, I posted the circumcision video and the botox video. Again, while I don't condone botox, there is a BIG difference in the two procedures. Let me know what you think.


  1. While I agree with your point that *physically* there is far less trauma from the botox injections, what is being done emotionally and mentally to that little girl every single day is a bit more than what the average, well-meaning, if ill-informed parent who chooses to circ their baby does.

    I imagine the horror, pain and shock in the physicality of the circ being done on the other child's psyche-- repeatedly and over the course of days, weeks, months, years-- and cannot say that one is less damaging than the other.

  2. i generally like your blog, but this is ridiculous

  3. I agree with you both. I was only referring to the initial reaction of people. I don't think that chopping the foreskin off a perfect newborn for purely cosmetic reasons to be a good thing at all.

    I also think that the poor girl IS being abused.

    I just wanted to raise awareness of how bad circumcision is. Using the botox reference with a tongue in cheek/facetious undertone was just my way of bringing that attention to the topic.

  4. I watched a couple of the other videos and it seems depending on how and how much anesthesia is administered. I had my son circumcised but for hygiene reason and not for cosmetic reasons. That was actually painful to watch hearing the babies scream except for in one of them where the surgeon seemed to have numbed the area pretty well. If it was purely for cosmetic reasons or even knew that the procedure would have been traumatizing I would not have don it. But I do not regret it being done for the reasons I did it.

  5. Well, the anesthesia wasn't used routinely until 2009. So, loads of kids up until then were just strapped and cut. My son is circumcised and my next will be too according to my fiancé, lol...But, I want to encourage people to at least research and decide, not just blindly get one for no reason at all. I really just wanted to get people to at least look into it before doing it. I do realize after the initial shock, most kids don't even have issues with it. And I realize the botox girl is being fed crap 24/7and that is far worse...

  6. There is no data that supports that circumcision is more hygenic then non-circumcision. The foreskin is easily retracted to clean the penis thoroughly. What is interesting is that Circumcision was started as a purely religious requirement and made it into the mainstream of American culture. It is mutilation of the penis, pure and simple. The foreskin serves the purpose of protecting the tip of the penis and preserving the sensitivity. How would us girls feel if they removed the hood over our clitoris? It is the same thing. Why don't people see what they are really doing to their baby boys?